2008 Sustainable Community Strategy for Devon

The Sustainable Community Strategy for Devon 2008-18 (SCS) was published in July 2008. It is available to view on an interactive website that can be accessed from here. The Sustainable Community Strategy was developed to outline the vision, priorities and outcomes for Devon that would underpin partnership working in the county for the next ten years. Following a change in Govt approach, and its stated intent to abolish the duty to create an Sustainable Community Strategy, the Devon Strategic Partnership agreed in November 2010

“To recognise the value of the Sustainable Community Strategy in providing a long term strategic vision for the area; however, the DSP will not plan for a further Local Area Agreement, which to date has been the recognised delivery mechanism for the Sustainable Community Strategy. Instead, particular projects that emerge from the exit strategies of the current Local Area Agreement will be pursued as agreed, along with other agreed areas of work. “

How was the Sustainable Community Strategy developed?